Client Testimonials

Professor Robin Sharp

Senior Researcher, Dept of Engineering,
Imperial College, London and Former Dean, Cranfield University

I am pleased to offer my good opinion of Mr Pecks enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to matters relating to high performance motoring, engineering and driving, especially driver training.  He is open minded, reliable, straightforward and personable.  In the cases in which I have collaborated with him, he has set out to work to high standards and has achieved notable success".

Mr John Dabek 

Fea Engineering Consulting Director, Fea Engineering Consulting
B.Eng. F.I.M.I.  L.A.E.   M.S.A.E.)

He ensured that the investigation was thorough and that at the same time, the main thread binding experts together, was one of having an open and fair minded approach.  It is not by chance, fortune or coincidence that in this particular case, there were no further technical arguments following the conclusion of this matter.  The main factor in this outcome has been the way in which Michael has identified and dealt with the issues in a professional manner.  For many years, this investigation will form the benchmark for other high profile investigations.  Michael has a technical knowledge, which could shame many experts - his abilities in handling vehicles at “the limit” quickly show through and he is recognised for his ability.  Totally committed and focused on the task in hand, he quickly gains respect from other professionals.  He is able to communicate well with people at all levels and will see a job through from start to finish, whilst at the same time, being able to recognise the limits of his own expertise and act accordingly".

Mr .T Fleming, Mr. M Gould, Mr. S Jefferies

Land Rover (UK)Senior Corporate Managers,
Land Rover (UK)

As representatives of the Company, we first met Mr Peck following a high profile incident.  Mr Peck’s foresight in proactively pursuing several channels of preliminary investigation demonstrates a key part of his methodology, specifically:

  • Involve all key fact holders
  • Consider all relevant factors
  • Get it right first time

Considering the profile of this incident, it serves as a tribute to Mr Peck and represents an exemplary degree of conduct, planning and execution.  In respect to his driving abilities, we can comment from direct experience of Mr Peck behind the wheel of several of our trust-mark products both on ‘test track’ and ‘off road’.  These products ranged from a Land Rover Defender to the extreme of an Aston Martin; the latter case at significant speeds in variable track conditions.  The following verbatim quotes from technical and senior corporate company associates summarises his driving ability as follows:

  • Travelling in a car as a passenger, there are very few people that I can apply total trust and confidence in.  Mr Peck fell into that category.
  • Even compared to other professional drivers, Mr Peck was in a different league.  The ride was smoother, quicker and instilled confidence.
  • On the first circuit, in a new vehicle, he demonstrated his ability to understand and safely drive a vehicle on the limit.
  • There are few people I feel comfortable with in a car, let alone when exploring parameters that are way beyond those seen in normal usage. Indeed I can count that number on one hand, and two of those are in the USA.  You fall into that group of people.

He has a natural talent and passion for driving that is complimented by his technical background and experience.".

Mr. Paul Lay

Volvo Car (UK)Field Technical Manager,
Volvo Car (UK)

Just a short note to thank you and the two Johns for the excellent day on 27th August.  I think it would be fair to say that we all gained a lot from our time with you and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I certainly have a lot more confidence in my ability with Limit Handling situations so achieved my own objectives for the course.  However, I also picked up a great deal from the road section despite having previous advanced driver training.  The service you have provided throughout has been exceptional and I wish you all the best with your business".

 Mr Harvey France

International Motors, Subaru (UK)  LimitedNational Fleet and Used Car Sales Manager,
International Motors, Subaru (UK) Limited

I would like to thank you for your valuable time working with us at Company Car in Action.  The exciting but safe demonstration in the Impreza was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Could you please make a note in your diary to contact me before the end of the year so that we can discuss the events for next year?"

Mr. Andrew Acklerley

Trackwork Automotive EventsDirector,
Trackwork Automotive Events

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the hard work you put in to make the I.M. event at M.I.R.A. such a success.  You all showed considerable initiative in often trying circumstances, which was to me both impressive and a relief.  I hope we can work together again soon". 


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