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We are pleased to announce that PD Automotive Consulting have been appointed as sole UK suppliers of the BART range of ballast test dummies.

We currently offer five different ballast dummy models, which are suitable for a variety of test regimes.  Our basic models are suitable for replicating human factor loads placed in seating or other situations whereby it is desirable to replicate the true distribution of body loads.  Tests performed using correctly placed ballast are of course, significantly more meaningful and provide a more accurate reflection of real world load situations and test outcomes.  Correctly distributed and secured loads are also significantly safer during test operations.  All dummies have seatbelt location recesses and security bar contours to aid dummy security within the test environment and include a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Our basic dummies come in three sizes, 80Kg, 100Kg and 115Kg when filled with water.  The dummies can also be filled with other ballast materials according to the individual load requirements, for example, sand, gravel or rice.  They are easy to handle and can be located within the test scenario prior to filling, thus reducing the likelihood of injury being incurred during manual handling processes.  Alternatively, they can be handled using lightweight lifting equipment for rapid deployment and redeployment.

Basic Ballast Dummy

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:michaelpeck:Desktop:Screen shot 2011-02-23 at 21.43.39.pngThese dummies come in 3 sizes, small 80Kg, medium 100kg and large 115kg.  The latter two are complete with lifting point and multiple drain sites as standard. 

Our more advanced manikin style dummies are of a significantly more complex design and are capable of being configured within a variety of situations.  They are especially suitable for testing scenarios where the human form requires more accurate replication.  These have detachable and articulating removable limbs.  Being more complex in terms of construction, this type of ballast dummy is more expensive than the basic model range however they are more versatile and are able to meet more exacting requirements.  These dummies are specifically designed to replicate the average adult male at 5’10” and 175lbs.  

BALLAST MANIKINS - Average Male (Height 5’10”- 175Ibs.)


    Features include:

  • Each body part has an individual fill/drain plug
  • Fill with water (or another material such as sand) to the desired, body weight.
  • They are easy to transport and can be filled remotely prior to transportation and assembly on the ride.  Alternatively, they can be placed in situ on the ride and filled with water
  • Dummies can be drained in situ thus preventing difficulties in manual handling
  • Dummy without arms weighs in at 80 kilos
  • Dummy with arms weighs in at 89-90 kilos

Dummy testing

All dummies are made from highly durable materials and are suitable for UK SAE use.  They are easily stored and transported and have many years of service potential.

Please contact us for further information.


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