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Automotive Forensics

There are many circumstances that can create the demand for specialist vehicle evaluation and testing services, often following a serious incident or complaints about a vehicles handling or continued suitability to fulfill a specified role.  Motor industry research facilities are well placed to perform these services but are normally found to be prohibitively expensive.  It is not uncommon for research facility fees and disbursements to run into many tens of thousands of pounds, even for the most basic and straightforward of testing or investigative work.    

Automotive Forensics Automotive Forensics Automotive Forensics Automotive Forensics

Our vehicle forensics consultancy service provides advice to clients about many aspects of bespoke vehicle evaluation and post incident testing.  It is normally the case that we are able to offer cost effective solutions that meet with client needs, whilst at the same time, remaining affordable, proportionate and realistic to the given circumstances.  The key principles behind all vehicle testing are relevance, proportionality, consistency and robust outcomes and with these in mind, we offer creditable and workable solutions to support our clients no matter what the individual circumstances may be.

Our comprehensive CV includes destructive component testing, vehicle limit handling simulation, tyre performance testing, manufacturer liaison, product research, radio controlled vehicle crash testing and telemetry data acquisition.  All forensic commissions can be supported with forensic photography, high-speed video recordings, comprehensive technical reports and legal statements as required. 

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